Analysis of Benazir Bhutto’s Death from Astrology

Courageous and bold Benazir Zardari Bhutto, who was the Geo Prime minister of East Asia or Pakistan, died on Thursday 27th December 2007 at 5:35 p.m. in a public meeting in Rawalpindi.

Benazir Bhutto was born on 21st June 1953 in Lahore (Pakistan). Benazir was born in the evening when Sagittarius Ascendant rose in the Eastern Horizon. The birth-sign of Benazir Bhutto was Libra. Here we will discuss about the influence of planets which were in transit on 27th December 2007.

This article can be very knowledgeable for students, common people and those who have interest in Astrology.

As Benazir Bhutto was born in Sagittarius Ascendant, the transit of planets is assessed on the basis of the Sagittarius Ascendant Chart. On the day of Benazir’s death, along with the lord of the Ascendant (Jupiter) the lords of the kendra house(s) (1,4,7,10) Jupiter and Mercury were set and the lord of the eighth house Moon was located in its own house but due to retrograde Mars and Saturn-Ketu it was adversely affected.

Let us now see the position of fortune: the lord of fortune is in the Sun Ascendant but Saturn which is the enemy of Sun is retrograde in the ninth house (house of fortune). According to Astrology, if the malefic planet is retrograde it becomes inauspicious and Ketu is the shadow planet of Saturn. As a result it will be influenced by Saturn. Saturn is the lord of the second house according to the chart. In consideration of all these positions, the Sun of fortune will be debiliated.

Now we will talk about Mars, which is the kaarak of assassination. Mars is retrograde and is placed in the seventh house and aspects the head of the native from its seventh aspect and the second house (neck) from its eighth aspect. Although Venus, which is the seventh lord, is located in the Ascendant but due to the aspect of Mars it is debilitated. Mars is also the significator of bullet and bomb and the seventh house is of direct enemy.

You all may know that the murderer killed Benazir with his automatic pistol and attacked her neck and head. The planets never lie and whatever happens, whether good or bad, is determined by God.

Entry of Mars into Virgo Sign, 20th July 2010

Mars will enter into Virgo sign from Leo on 20th July 2010. It will stay in this sign till 05th Sept 2010. Mars will be placed in the nakshatra of Sun during this period. Mars will transit through this Virgo sign for 48 days with Saturn which is suspected by Jupiter.

Signs Affected during the Transit of Mars through Virgo
The signs that are influenced during this transit of 48 days are Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces and Aries. Two out of these four signs are of Jupiter. Jupiter also forms an aspect relationship with Mars and Saturn during this transit. However, the auspiciousness of the aspect of this planet will remain for 3 days. On 23rd July 2010, Jupiter may change its position and become retrograde, due to which the auspiciousness of Jupiter may get affected.

Aspect-Conjunction Relationship of Three Largest Planets
During the transit of three largest planets through Virgo and Pisces sign, the person may get results of these signs. The conjunction of Mars and Saturn will be a good experience as Saturn is 5 degrees ahead of Mars. But it may affect the results of Mars due to its slow pace.

Influence on the Kaarak Elements of Mars
Mars is the karak planet of courage and bravery. Saturn is the kaarak planet of hard work and efforts. Due to their conjunction, the person may wander unnecessarily for his activities and may show a lot of enthusiasm and courage.

Therefore, the person needs to use his intellect along with his strength and resources to get favorable results during this relationship between Mars and Saturn. The Yoga formed between Mars and Saturn may increase stress and problems in the person’s life. The person will get good results through hard work. Those who are born in Virgo sign may become aggressive in nature.

Aspect Relationship of Signs of Mars and Jupiter
During the transit of Mars through Virgo sign, Jupiter may form an aspect relationship with Scorpio which is the sign of Mars. Mars may also influence both the signs of Jupiter through its fourth and seventh aspect. Those who are born in these signs may face a lot of problem in utilizing their powers and capabilities during this period of transit. They may not have much faith in spirituality and may not respect their elders.

Influence of Transit through Cancer Sign
When Mars transits through Virgo from the Moon-sign, Cancer in the third house. The person of cancer sign gets courage to face all the obstacles which may come in his love affairs. He may also get good results in all the projects started during this time.

Analysis of Health of the People of Gemini Sign
Mars and Saturn will be placed in the house of heart and happiness of the Gemini sign during the period of July to September. Saturn may have its aspect on Gemini. In the chart of Gemini Ascendant, Mars as the lord of the house of diseases transits through the eleventh house from its own house. As a result, the people of Gemini Ascendant may have health problems. People of this Ascendant should avoid getting involved in conflicts.

Reduction in Efforts of the People Born in Libra Sign
Transit of Mars through Virgo may make Librans lazy. The people of this sign should avoid taking rest otherwise it may cause delay in their projects.

All these signs may be specially influenced during the period of this transit.

Difference Between Traditional Astrology and Logical Astrology

We always wonder, can we consider astrology a science? How planets influence us and how gemstones influence our fortune? What is the contribution of secret arts in astrology? Does remedial astrology give influential results? Here we will try to find answers to these questions.

Generally there are two aspects of astrology: traditional astrology and logical astrology. Predictive astrology and remedial astrology is used in traditional astrology and astrologers predict results by traditional astrology. Their results can be influential or non-influential because they depend on the knowledge of the astrologer.

Logical astrology is different from traditional astrology. Logical astrology predicts results on scientific basis. It depends on astronomy. The distance and speed of planets and Nakshatras are determined through telescope and predictions will be done on the basis of mathematics. Mostly, predictions through logical astrology are proven and there is no place for superstitions in logical astrology.

Mrityu Yoga: An Inauspicious Yoga

Astrologers say that the inauspicious Yogas are called inauspicious because they are unfavorable and create obstacles in auspicious and important work. However, sometimes an inauspicious Yoga gives favorable results if your objectives are revenge, stealing, looting or kidnapping etc. Mrityu Yoga is one of the inauspicious Yogas formed with the combination of date and day.

Let us see how this Yoga is created:

  • 1. If Nanda Tithi or Pratipada i.e. sixth or eleventh fall on Sunday or Tuesday it is considered inauspicious.
  • 2. Second, seventh, twelfth are Bhadra tithis, if any of them fall on Monday or Friday then Mrityu Yoga is created.
  • 3. Jaya tithi i.e. third, eighth and thirteenth create the Mrityu Yoga if combined with Wednesday.
  • 4. In Astrology, fourth, ninth and fourteenth are known as Rikta tithis. If any of these dates fall on Thursday then inauspicious Mrityu Yoga is created.
  • 5. Purna tithis are fifth, tenth, full Moon (Poornima) or no Moon (Amavasya). If these dates fall on Saturday then too the inauspicious Mrityu Yoga is created.

Mrityu Yoga is considered very inauspicious Yoga in Astrology. You should avoid doing any auspicious work during this Yoga. If you are planning any journey then you should postpone it, because this yoga is not good for traveling

Rohini Nadi Muhurtha

The person can start construction of house in the Rohini Nadi Mahurta on Sunday. He can go for medicinal treatment or operation on Monday of this Muhurtha.

The person should not do Annaprashan Sanskara of his child in this Muhurtha on Tuesday as the child may fall ill. A new bride should not eat food for the first time in her in-law’s house in this Muhurtha. The person can spend his time with his spouse in this Muhurtha on Wednesday to get favorable results.

The person should not travel in Rohini Nadi Muhurta on Thursday otherwise he may face health problems. He can be dominant on his competitors in this Nadi Muhurtha on Friday. The person’s benefits will increase if he starts a new business in Rohini Nadi Muhurtha on Saturday.

Kritika Nadi Muhurta

The person should not perform house warming ceremony in Kritika Nadi Muhurta on Sunday otherwise he may not get good atmosphere in the house. It is beneficial to make plans against competitors in this Muhurtha on Monday. It is not safe to enter into a new house in this Muhurtha on Tuesday as there is fear of fire during this time. Kritika Nadi Muhurta is not favorable for sowing seeds in the fields.

The Kritika Nadi Muhurtha is beneficial for construction on Wednesday. If a person starts construction in this Muhurtha then there will be lesser possibilities of renovation in the house. If a marriage is held in the Kritika Nadi Muhurtha on Thursday then the bride and groom will have happy life after marriage.

The person should not select Kritika Nadi Muhurta on Friday for any activity. He can start working on big projects in his profession in Kritika Nadi Muhurta on Saturday to reap favorable results.

Bharani Nadi Muhurtha

The person can choose this Muhurtha on Sunday to wear new clothes and jewelry or can dress up for any special occasion. According to saint Bhargava, Bharani Nadi Muhurtha on Monday is favorable for negative acts.

The person should not begin a journey in Bharani Nadi Muhurta on Tuesday as it can cause an accident. He should not do the work of establishing peace on Wednesday in this Muhurtha. The person can get good results if he is sitting in the examinations in the Bharani Nadi Muhurtha on Thursday.

If the person starts medicinal treatment in this Muhurata on Friday then his disease may aggravate. He can perform establishment of Yantras in the Bharani Nadi Muhurtha on Saturday. It is easier to complete complicated tasks in Bharani Nadi Muhurtha.

Ashwini Nadi Muhurtha

A person should serve animals in Ashwini Nadi Muhurta on Sunday. If he gets involved in disputes in the Ashwini Nadi Muhurtha on Monday then he will be successful in his motives as this Muhurtha is good for defeating enemies. The journey becomes interesting and entertaining for a person if it is started in Ashwini Nadi Muhurat  on Tuesday.

The person can choose Ashwini Nadi Muhurtha on Wednesday for any auspicious event. He can select this Muhurtha for marriage or house warming ceremony. The person can organize any event or ceremony in the 24 minutes of Ashwini Nadi Muhurta on Thursday. The event concludes without any hurdles in this Muhurtha.

The Ashwini Nadi Muhurtha on Friday is favorable for starting education. If the person performs any auspicious activity in this Muhurtha on Saturday then he may face opposition of his friends or his relations may get ruined.


Ayanmansh is known as Sayan System as it belongs to western system. There is no Indian system of Ayanamsh, that is why it is known as Nirayana system. Both the systems are very popular in the whole world.

The Indian (moon) sign is stable in Nakshatras while the western (moon) sign transits through Nakshatras. Vernal Equninox is a point which cancels the aerial line and eclipse from the centre from where the Sun enters into the Northern Hemisphere and in every 72 years it steps one degree behind its place. That is why the festival of Besakhi comes in April when Sun is located in the Aries sign and moves ahead in every 72 years. In this situation climate changes after every 13 thousand years. As a result, winters will happen in June and summers in December.

According to the 41th principle of Chitrapakhiya, Vernal Equninox was stabilized in 285 A.D in Indian Astrology and was considered the first Aries point according to Indian Moon sign. In reality, Vernal Equninox is 43 inches ahead of Mupisiyam Nakshatra, which is 180 degrees away from Alpha Virjinis of Chitra Nakshatra. According to the principles of Revat Pakhiya, Vernal Equninox dashes Zeta Pascium of Revati Nakshatra. As per the principles of Sor pakhiya it is located 12 inches ahead of its own place. Government also recognized the principle of Chitrapakhiya in 1955.

Revati Nadi Muhurta

The person can make conspiracies against his enemies on Sunday in the Revati Nadi Muhurta. He can organize any auspicious event in this Nadi muhurtha on Monday. Performing auspicious activities in Revati Nadi Muhurta can be fruitful.

The person can start a new business on Tuesday in this Nadi Muhurtha. He can perform religious activities on Wednesday in the Revati Nadi Muhurtha. This time is favorable for auspicious acts. If a person makes efforts for promotion in this Nadi Muhurtha of Thursday, he may get a higher position.

The person will get favorable results from the non-traditional acts if he performs them in the 24 minutes of Revati Nadi Muhurtha on Friday. He should not perform remedies for his child on Saturday in Revati Nadi Muhurta because it may give bad results if performed.